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Alium Voice of Customer Platform

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Understand Every Journey

Capture and analyze signals to get contextual insights you need. Understand every experience along your customer journey to actively improve user experience and conversion.

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Understand and fix the problem of your users immediately as they browse your content

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ALIUM FOR APPS(Coming Soon!)

Anticipate Needs and Predict Behavior of users

Integrate feedback seamlessly into your app so users can let you know what they think, even when they’re offline. Pinpoint what you need to improve to get those 5-star app store ratings.

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Transform Experiences

Get data that goes beyond open and click rates. Find out what users think of the content you send them and use their feedback to improve your campaigns.

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Integrate with your system and let it flow.

Alium integrates with a whole bunch of tools and processes. From CRM to Slack, adding Alium to the mix will make your process flow(Coming Soon!)

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