Alium for Travel, Tourism, and Aviation

Identify Bugs and Errors

Catch costly bugs before they impact conversions

Streamline the Booking Process

Spot user pain-points and decrease drop-offs

Provide the Right Information

Understand what customers are looking for


Improve the customer experience across all digital channels

It can be said that these days, consumers are increasingly seeking out valuable experiences that provide long lasting memories rather than physical products. This trend is unlikely to change, which is why it is essential to ensure that their experience is as good as it can be from the moment they begin to consider booking it.

An essential part of optimizing you digital channels within the travel industry is to focus on the users expectations and to cater developments to the long term improvement of their experience. If your potential customers are easily able to book throughout your digital channels, they are more likely to come back and to make impromptu bookings. By listening to your customers you can ensure that you meet their expectations from the moment they visit your web entities.

Optimize for Omni-Channel

Create a consistent brand experience accross the customer journey by identifying the pain points of your users accross your digital channels and optimizing to ensure that you offer a homogeneous experience to all potential customers.

Respond to urgent bugs

Instant notifications and automated labelling ensures the right team will respond to issues fast so that you are constantly improving the experience with your users in mind.

Advanced targeting

Today’s ever changing online travel and booking environment can be extremely competitive. It is important to stay ahead of the pack by constantly testing and improving the user experience. With Alium you can monitor the perspectives of your users enabling you to implement, test and modify any new updated.