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At Alium, we believe that by knowing exactly what customers value, companies can build thriving digital platforms that not only drive results but outlast change.Through targeted surveys and embedded feedback options, enterprises acquire the ultimate solution to capture the voice of their customers, collect quantitative along with qualitative data, and turn insights into actions that drive success.Our technology is designed in a way that encourages customers to share feedback at any point of the customer journey. By giving customers a voice, enterprises not only see what is happening through regular quantitative analytics, they also understand why.Strong integrations between Alium and existing systems give a full and actionable picture of the entire digital journey, while effortlessly combining different sources of data. As a result, companies are testing, measuring and optimizing continuously to improve the business impact of their customer experience programs.Founded in 2019, we at Alium share one mission: Make digital experiences better by empowering enterprises to put their customers at the heart of their strategy.

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