Alium for Websites

Optimize your website

Let your users tell you what’s working, and more importantly what’s not.

Automate repetitive tasks to save time and resources

With visual feedback, eliminate the guesswork and discover issues before it’s too late.

Collect feedback to increase conversions

Let your users tell you what’s working, and more importantly what’s not.


Drive loyalty and collect feedback from your users anywhere, anytime

Customized the feedback button to fit seamlessly on your website. Place the button anywhere and let your users reach out anytime. We designed it with the end user’s experience in mind, so its easy and fun to use on any device.


Only ask what's relevant to get the answers you need

Allow your users to simply select the part of your website they want to give feedback on. The ability to see exactly what the user is referring to eliminates guesswork and allows you to prioritize website improvements in a time and cost efficient way. Each feedback item comes with a screenshot paired with page metadata - device, screen resolution, and more. See the context and understand the cause.


Personalize. Every respondent is unique

Ask the right questions at the right time. With a wide range of targeting options, you can create your own slide out, full page or exit surveys and target the users that are important to you. Ask questions on specific pages, based on user behavior and demographics. Drill down to the details or collect NPS and fully understand why your visitors aren’t converting.


Use one feedback tool across the organization

Our job is to make feedback easy for everyone – for you, and your visitors. With no technical knowledge needed, you can get started with Alium in a matter of minutes. You have full control of your feedback, surveys, and more through your Alium account. Make changes whenever you want and put them live instantly.


Get an in-depth analysis for the best insights

With Alium's reporting dashboard, get an aggregated overview of your feedback results at any time. Monitor NPS, analyze live feedback items, activate email notifications and filter results based on the data that’s important to you. Easily export your results or integrate with your favorite third party tools.

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