Integrations(Coming Soon!)

Send your feedback directly to your favourite customer support tool. Every time a visitor leaves feedback with an email address on your website, we’ll automatically push it to Zendesk.

Understand what your website’s numbers mean by integrating Alium with Google Analytics. Push custom events to Google Analytics, which you can include in custom reports and dashboard widgets.

Integrate Alium with just about anything! Alium supports Webhooks. Every time a visitor gives feedback, we can POST all the data of the feedback item in JSON format to a URL you specify.

Measure Alium feedback and campaign events within your Adobe Analytics environment. You can also link your feedback form questions and user replies to your own metrics.

Bring Alium to the space where your team members are already working together. Push individual items to a Slack channel of your choice for a quick, easy way to share and discuss feedback.

Zapier enables you to integrate Alium with a wide range of other web application such as Salesforce, Google Apps and HubSpot. Through this integration feedback items can automatically be uploaded to and processed in another web app.

Combine qualitative and quantitative insights to optimize your A/B testing process. Let your users tell you what to test - as well as how your chosen options perform - and deliver a seamless digital experience.

Gather the right data about visitor activity and take action to improve their experience. Tealium’s advanced tag management allows you to supplement feedback items with rich data, all in real-time.

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