Alium for Analysts & Researchers

Dissect and discover new insights

Use qualitative data to supplement your research

Analyze customer behavior

Get a full picture of the customer journey

Validate assumptions

Track and analyze your KPIs to validate your projects


Discover what matters most in your insights

Transform your research to discover what matters most to your customer journey. Equip your team with the Alium solution suite to drive customer-centric improvements across your organization.

Tackle your challenges with extensive solutions to combine insights and analysis. Simplify your research with easy implementation to understand the customer behavior across digital channels. Analyze trends, benchmark against your competitors, and segment your data to develop actionable reports. Additionally, take advantage of Alium Reporting for a full consultative approach to generate insights for necessary stakeholders.

Measure impact in variety of ways

Define the parameters for your research by targeting the right users. Activate your surveys as you need and track progress, trendlines, and KPIs over time. Leverage key insights and sentiment analysis to measure impact.

Recruit users for market research

Create extensive market research surveys with variables that you want to measure. Recruit participants for external focus groups. With the flexibility of our surveys, you can choose how to develop actionable insights.

Integrate with your digital analytics

Push your Voice of Customer data into your digital analytics software, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, and more. Export your data easily to build your own reports or push the data into your own environments with Alium API.